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Why study with us?

Immerse yourself in Italy

You’ll find the Monash Prato Centre in the elegant 18th century Palazzo Vaj in the historical heart of Prato, a thriving Medieval city in the Tuscany region. Florence is just thirty minutes away, while you can be in Rome in two hours.

The Centre is Monash University’s gateway to Europe. It allows you to soak up Italian culture while taking courses that range from global crime to Renaissance architecture. You could take part in an archaeological tour or learn chamber music from Italian maestros. See the full suite of study programs.

Our programs last from two weeks to an entire semester, and are credited toward your degree. Monash students may qualify for funding to travel to Prato.

Italian language classes are available at all levels (including absolute beginners) and for all students. Step outside the classroom with the Parliamo! program, designed to introduce you to contemporary Italian culture and the city of Prato, while equipping you with basic knowledge to communicate in daily situations.

Monash Prato is embedded in the local community, so there are lots of opportunities to meet the locals and practise your Italian. Some of these are provided by the Monash Prato Centre through its Student Life initiatives, such as the Conversation Exchange sessions and joining an Italian family for lunch or dinner.

Find out more about studying in Prato from some of our past students.

Connect with Europe

Studying overseas is not just an adventure. For a truly global education, understanding Europe, and connecting to its institutions, is vital. Monash Prato was founded with the express goal of connecting Australian students and researchers with universities, governments, industry and cultural organisations in Europe. You’ll learn about different economies and working practices, and rub shoulders with the international academic community.

Impress employers

Studying overseas is a great opportunity to learn about yourself and build self-confidence. You’ll develop the qualities employers look for – things like independence, initiative and intercultural awareness. You’ll discover how to cope with unfamiliar situations, resolve new problems, adapt to new situations and build resilience. Plus, you’ll expand your social, academic and professional networks.

Learn from leading researchers and academics

Eminent academics from around the world contribute their expertise to our study programs. You’ll also benefit from visiting researchers and our busy schedule of lectures and conferences.

Be prepared for an outstanding experience!

Studying in Prato will enable you to meet and work with some of the major experts in your field. If you are a music student, for instance, you could end up recording an album with one of the best jazz musicians around: the Monash Sessions CD was recorded in Prato in 2013 and it features trumpet man Enrico Rava with students from Monash. Read an international review of the CD.