Why study with us

Connect with Europe

For a truly global education, understanding Europe and experiencing different cultures is vital. Monash Prato was founded to connect Monash students and researchers with universities, governments, industry and cultural organisations in Europe.

Impress employers

You’ll develop skills employers look for such as active learning, initiative, critical thinking, complex problem-solving, and emotional intelligence. You’ll build resilience through dealing with unfamiliar situations and adapting to new situations. You’ll also grow your social, academic and professional networks.

Learn from leading academics

Renowned academics from around the world contribute their expertise to our study programs. We offer programs running from two weeks to a full semester, all of which earn credit towards your degree. From human rights in Europe to Galileo and the impact of his work on our lives today - see our full list of university programs. You’ll also benefit from visiting researchers and our rich calendar of lectures and conferences.

Immerse yourself in ItalyStudents stairs outdoor

Our centre is in the heart of historical Prato, in the eighteenth century Palazzo Vaj. We’re conveniently located in central Italy, providing you with all kinds of options for exploring Italy and further afield.

Studying overseas is also about meeting new people and discovering new cultures and languages. Don’t worry if you don’t speak Italian! We offer a contemporary Italian culture program 'Parliamo!' to help you settle in and give you basic language skills for everyday life in Prato. You may also be able to take Italian language units as part of your degree.

You’ll have the chance to chat with locals at Conversation Exchange and to join a family for a typical Italian meal. For a fully immersive experience, we also offer a homestay program. Find out more about our local initiatives and how you can get involved.

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