University programs

Poggio A Caiano Group

We provide a global immersion experience in an intimate and welcoming environment in Prato.

You can choose from a range of interdisciplinary and discipline-specific subjects, usually taught intensively over several weeks or up to a few months.

The specially curated curriculum integrates local perspectives through programs that involve our partner network in Europe and that incorporate industry learning, field experiences and live projects.

For program availability, refer to the Monash Abroad portal and search the City field for 'Prato'. The Monash University Handbook is also a good source of information for individual units.

If you are a non-Monash student but attend another university, you may be eligible to study in Monash programs at our centre as part of a Monash University exchange or study abroad program. Please contact Monash Abroad for advice on whether or not this is an option available to you.


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2022 Programs

INDUSTRIAL ®EVOLUTION PRATO (Architecture): 20 June - 15 July 2022

This study tour will provide you with a unique opportunity to visit a series of twentieth century industrial buildings, contemporary adaptive re-use projects and a range of exhibition/showroom/making spaces. Field work will involve photo and sketch documentation of selected case studies, the urban contexts where they reside and the hard/soft infrastructures that support them.

During your time in Prato you will spatially analyse the original design and current-day uses of the case studies and extract urban, architectural and interior design strategies which could be deployed elsewhere.

Drawing on the lessons learned from the case studies, you will then undertake a two-week design intensive on a given site. Design experiments will explore and demonstrate the spatial, technological and social potentials of future industrial change.

Monash Global Campus Intensives (MGCIs): 27 June - 15 July 2022

Monash Global Campus Intensives are new intensive interdisciplinary units offered across the Monash campus network. You will look at some of the world’s most pressing challenges, learning on site with guest lectures by local experts and academics and with content developed by multiple faculties.

During your three weeks in Prato, you'll be able to study one or more of the following units:

  • Sustainable Tuscany: Tradition, innovation and entrepreneurship (ATS2265/ATS3268)
  • The European Union: Challenges, crises and opportunities (ATS2275/ATS3275)
  • European economy and global business (ECX3750)
  • Italian Introductory 1 (ATS1221)

Eligible students will also be able to add a unit in European human rights law (LAW4666/LAW5619) to their program.

Full information, including how to apply and unit combinations, is available on the Monash Abroad portal. You can also find details on accommodation to help you with planning.