Rhys Allan

I'm an Arts/Science student hoping to get into physiotherapy and I decided to do Italian electives in Prato purely to try something outside of my comfort zone and hoping for a new experience and some life-long memories. I certainly haven't been disappointed on any of those fronts.

The centre itself is a beautiful, old (yet well maintained) building, and the facilities are much more modern than the building might have you believe. My favourite place would be the excellent student lounge which has everything you need to study at your fingertips, while providing a great space to relax and socialise with other students.

The staff are incredibly approachable and friendly, and always happy to help with any queries - or even just for a chat if they have the time.

The city itself is a wonderful taste of Italy - without all the tourists to contest with. The streets and squares alternate between busy and bustling to quiet and calm depending on the time and day. The locals are friendly and even those with no English are still cheery and tolerant towards my tourist-like behaviour. You can barely walk 100m in the city centre without stumbling across another magnificent monument - be it a church, tower, castle or one of Prato's many charming and historic squares (or piazzas). I felt perfectly comfortable exploring the area, knowing that there's many a landmark to re-orientate myself if need be, and as long as you stay within (or near) the city walls, you cannot wander too far.

Unit studied in Prato: Intensive Italian Beginners | Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science