Marianna Anthony

Q. Give us a brief introduction about yourself, your name, the program you’re attending and how long you have been in Prato.

A. My name is Marianna Anthony. I’m studying a Bachelor of Visual Arts, Fine Arts and Arts and I’m studying my Arts units here in Prato. I've been here for two months and I've been studying Inscribing Italy and Screening Contemporary Europe.

Q. So what made you decide to come to Monash Prato?

A. What made me decide to come to Monash Prato was the opportunity to study my course overseas in Italy. I thought it was an amazing opportunity to get units credited from Melbourne over here in Italy and be able to experience such a great opportunity studying abroad, making new friends and living in a completely new environment.

Q. What do you like about your experience here? What have you found interesting or unexpected about it?

A. I’ve loved my experience here in Prato; living by myself in a foreign country, speaking a different language with a different culture has really encouraged me to step outside of my comfort zone. I’ve really enjoyed every part of it; making new friends and studying in Prato has been amazing, learning lots in a new environment.

Q. What’s life like in Prato and what extracurricular activities have you enjoyed participating in?

A. With the Prato program I've got involved in Buon Appetito and Conversation Exchange. Both of these programs have allowed me to work on my Italian and learn a bit more about the Italian culture and specifically the Prato community. I’ve been meeting others from the community here who are also learning their English, bonding with them about what life's like compared to Melbourne and here in Prato. I’ve found living in Prato the lifestyle has been similar in some ways, it’s quite a liveable city.

Q. Was it hard to live with other people?

A. I actually found it really easy. I think the people I was living with were really nice, approachable people. We all got along really well. We were all strangers and so that was quite daunting at first, living in a new house with new people that I've never met. But over the past two months we’ve really grown, we’ve learnt a lot about each other and also I’ve learnt a lot about myself, and I think for the future it's probably set me up with a good level of independency that I can hopefully take on into other areas.

Q. Would you recommend coming to Prato to other students?

A. I would definitely recommend coming to Prato if you are thinking of studying overseas. This is an amazing program, it allows you to step outside of your comfort zone, come overseas and spend enough time to live in the environment here in Prato and blend in with the locals and make new friends from Monash whilst also enjoying your studies and getting points credited from back home in Melbourne. I think it’s just the really perfect program.

Units studied in Prato: Screening Contemporary Europe; Inscribing Italy | Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Visual Arts