Arianna Brown

Studying at Monash Prato was truly a remarkable exchange opportunity.

As Prato has minimal tourism in comparison to other larger cities in Italy, it meant that I was exposed to a really native Italian culture.

The geographic centrality of Prato as a city meant that I was only 20 minutes away from Florence by train and less than two hours outside Rome, which ultimately made for some great weekend visits.

The central location of the residences meant that I was always close to the city centre and everything was easily accessible.

I have to admit that I had underestimated the facilities, services and activities available to students at Monash Prato.

The centre ultimately acts as a base for an international community that aims to integrate the global Monash campus cultures with the local pratese community.

The thing I loved most about living in Prato was my ability to merge into and partake in the pratese everyday life. Whether it was having macchiato at the coffee bar downstairs from the apartment before going to uni, or listening to the sounds of Italian families going for a passeggiata during the evening, I never really felt like an outsider or a straniero within the pratese community.

Unit studied in Prato: Global Connections | Bachelor of Arts