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Homestay program

Homestay Program

Our homestay program provides accommodation and care for Monash students within an enriching cultural and social environment.

Why choose the homestay program

As a homestay student you have the opportunity to experience a family lifestyle in Italy by becoming ‘part of’ the homestay family. The program provides you not only with food and accommodation, but also a genuine intercultural experience including the opportunity to improve and develop your Italian language and communication skills. Both homestay homestay family and students benefit from learning about each other’s culture, language, food, and way of life.


What is included and costs

  • accommodation in a single room containing a bed with linen, desk, and storage space for clothes and personal belongings
  • shared bathroom and laundry facilities
  • 7 breakfasts and 7 dinners per week
  • internet access.
  • The homestay fee is 30 euro per night. You will pay the fee in advance to your faculty.
  • The homestay accommodation may be located outside the city centre (where the Monash Prato Centre is located) but reachable in a few minutes on public transports. Your homestay family will give you all the information you need on how to get to the Monash Prato Centre from your accommodation.


Length of stay

Minimum of 3 weeks to maximum of 5 weeks.
You need to arrive in Prato a couple of days before your course begins to give you sufficient time to meet the homestay family and settle in Prato.


How to apply

To apply for the homestay program you need to have first received confirmation of your enrolment in one of the faculties’ Prato programs. Once your enrolment is confirmed, you can then apply for the homestay program through your faculty. Part of the application process involves being interviewed by your faculty to determine if you are suitable to participate in the program.

If you are successful, the faculty will inform us and we will contact you to arrange a follow-up videoconference interview with centre staff. This interview will be to get to know each other and find the best family match for you.

After this interview you will be notified by us and you will be asked to provide the dates of your homestay. You will also be provided with a copy of the Homestay Student Guide, which you will be asked to read and sign as an agreement with the Monash Prato Centre. Signing the agreement serves as confirmation of your participation in the program.

For more information on the homestay program including receiving a copy of the Homestay student guide, how to apply and relative timelines simply contact:


During my 6-week stay with my Prato homestay family, I honestly learned so much about Italian language and culture; which complimented my class experience really well. The family I stayed with were so lovely, warm and accommodating. It was an invaluable opportunity to get a real insight into authentic, day-to-day Tuscan culture. (Carla, Homestay student 2017)

About homestay families

Italy is a multicultural country and homestay families come from a diverse range of cultural backgrounds. Homestay family structures are not limited to the traditional ‘nuclear model’. For example, there are single women, couples without children, single mothers with children, and retired couples. Homestay families want to host you for various reasons. Many homestay families are interested in having cross-cultural interaction, while others wish to ‘internationalise’ their children by exposing them to other cultures. A lot of retired couples host for company as all their children have left home.

All homestay families are arranged by the Monash Prato Centre through an interview selection process.