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Creative Cities

In partnership with Pratofutura, we are exploring the idea of re-framing Prato as a ‘creative city’.

This collaborative project aims to develop a momentum for real change in Prato.

We will organise studio work, short courses and lectures with academics, policy makers, practitioners and citizens.

Our questions include:

• How can Prato maximise the potential of its major cultural-historical resources?
• Can Prato cater for a niche cultural tourism market?
• Can new cultural/creative industries be linked to existing industries in Prato to grow both?
• What opportunities for engagement does Prato’s intercultural reality provide?
• In what ways could Prato re-imagine its urban governance model and how citizens and authorities communicate?

Visit the Project launch and Workshop webpages for details on what we have explored so far.

Stay tuned for upcoming events.