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Students teaching students!

A new Monash  Prato Centre local engagement initiative has just been successfully completed. Some Monash students enrolled in the Italian language course participated in English classes at two local middle schools (the Scuola Media Mazzoni in Prato and the Scuola Media Garibaldi in Campi Bisenzio, near Florence) as voluntary native-speakers language assistants.

The Australian and the Italian students and the teachers involved in this initiative were all enthusiastic and this initiative will be repeated with the next group of Monash students studying at the Prato Centre.

Conversation Exchange @ Lazzerini


Conversation Exchange - Scambi di conversazione has expanded its horizons in 2013 to include a monthly appointment in the Prato Municipal Library A. Lazzerini.

Conversation Exchange is held every Tuesday evening at the Monash Centre and is aimed giving Monash students the opportunity to practice their Italian language skills while learning something about local culture. Following the success of this initiative in 2012 the Monash Prato Centre has decided to widen the reach of this project by introducing a monthly appointment at the local library.

Call for papers open – Chinese in Prato Symposia, 29-30 Oct 2013

The Monash University Prato Centre and the PIN Polo Universitario ‘Città di Prato’ – University of Florence 

in collaboration with the Migration Policy Centre, Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies, European University Institute, and the Business School, Wenzhou University 

are pleased to announce the

Greening up our act

Why not opt for a greener mode of transportation when visiting the sites of Prato and beyond by hiring a Monash bicycle!  Not only will you be doing your bit for the environment, you can get fit at the same time.  New and pre-loved bikes are available for loan by students and visiting academics. 

The Centre would like to acknowledge the generous contribution of the Faculty of Arts which kindly donated four brand new bikes to the Centre.

Conversation Exchange will be back in January 2013

After the great success of last season Conversation Exchange-Scambi di Conversazione will be back on January 2013.

Our weekly English-Italian Conversation Exchange is an easy and fun way to improve your Italian and to learn about new cultures. How does it work?

Every Tuesday from 6 to 7pm students can meet Italians and chat together at the Monash Prato Centre, via Pugliesi 26.

Light refreshments are provided.