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Prato Campus Week - Visit us 10-12 April

One city, three universities, and three days of events open to the local community.

The seventh edition of Prato Campus Week takes place 10-12 April this year.

The week is an opportunity for students and locals to meet and learn more about the university student experience in Prato. You will be able to join in sporting activities, conversation, tours, music, games and lots more!

This event is organised by Prato's three universities, PIN - Polo Universitario 'Città di Prato' (the Prato branch of the University of Florence), Monash University Prato Centre and University of New Haven, in collaboration with the Municipality of Prato.

We’ll be opening the doors of the Monash University Prato Centre on Thursday 11 April.

Here’s our Open Day program at a glance:

5pm Guided tour
5.30pm Speedy Conversation Exchange
6pm Kids’ Corner
6pm Tech Corner
7.30pm Australian BBQ

Places are limited - register for Speedy Conversation, Guided Tour and Kids’ Corner at:

If you’re interested in volunteering on the day, or you’d like to find out more about the program, please visit our Open Day website: