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Monash Business School students visit Pontetorto

Pontetorto is an important textile firm recently awarded for its commitment to the eco-sustainable production of fabric.

Students from the Monash Business School enrolled in the unit Corporate Social Responsibility and unit coordinator Dr Elizabeth Prior-Jonson were warmly welcomed by Mr Roberto De Matteis, Pontetorto’s quality assurance and sales area manager, and by owners of the firm, Mr Luigi and Mrs Elena Banci.  

Mr De Matteis gave an overview of the history of Pontetorto from its establishment in 1952 until today, describing the different brands that are produced by the firm. Furthermore, he explained their efforts and the commitment towards environmental sustainability, with a focus on products made from recycled materials, such as polyester, and yarns spun from recycled garments and polymers from plastic bottles.  Another visible sign is the solar panel system installed on the firm’s roof, producing 95% of the energy needed.  Pontetorto is an industry leader in the production of pile fleece being the first mill in Europe to develop a range of pile fleece fabrics for activewear. The company recently won the Eco Performance Award for its product called Biopile.

Students were interested in learning about the different challenges that Pontetorto faces in the textile sector.  Questions such as what is the firm’s strategy towards the competition of law quality labels; what is the origin of raw materials; and what are the greatest difficulties the firm faces, were asked by the students.  Mr Matteis kindly accompanied students on a guided tour of the plant where they saw first hand the entire fabric production process, from the raw material to the final product, as well as viewed samples and their presentation to potential clients.

Said Dr Libby Prior-Jonson: ‘We were thoroughly impressed by the production process and firm’s commitment to environmental sustainability. Students were engaged during the entire visit and were keen to learn more from the firm’s owners – even their children who recently took time out of their studies in London joined the visit and answered students’ questions.  We hope to repeat this experience for future groups travelling to Prato’.