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Celebrating 30 years at Centro Pecci

With a new exhibition entitled Il museo immaginato. Storie da trent’anni di Centro Pecci, Prato’s famous contemporary art museum celebrates its 30th anniversary

To mark the 30th anniversary of Centro per l’arte contemporanea Luigi Pecci  the museum will launch a new exhibition: Il museo immaginato. Storie da trent’anni di Centro Pecci  / The Museum Imagined: Stories from 30 years of Centro Pecci. The exhibition, curated by the museum’s new director Cristiana Perrella, reinterprets events and exhibitions that have taken place throughout its 30 year history through facts, memories, stories and works selected from the permanent collection.

Under the direction of Cristiana Perrella, who was appointed in March 2018, the Centro Pecci presents itself with a new look, which aims to be even more welcoming and open to the city. The thirtieth anniversary is intended as an opportunity to reinterpret and reactivate the Centre’s spaces and functions after the expansion inaugurated in 2016. A program of events will accompany the exhibition including theater reviews, video programs, performances.

The exhibition ll museo immaginato. Storie da trent’anni di Centro Pecci consists of three elements: the first, is a timeline produced by the graphic studio Sara De Bondt, who narrates the sequence of exhibitions, concerts, festivals, workshops and talks hosted by the museum in the past three decades. The second element is a statistical and semantic analysis of the Centre’s archive data, elaborated by  MoSIS  (Statistical Information Models and Systems) located at PIN, the University of Florence’s Prato campus and draws a parallel history of the centre, told in numbers: i.e. the number visitors, exhibitions, artists, works of the collection, etc. The third element combines the first and the second: a selection of works from the collection of the museum, representing the major exhibitions hosted at the Centre from 1988.

Other events scheduled for the 30th anniversary celebrations include:

Codice Colore, opere dalla collezione di Alessandro Grassi, exhibition curated by Stefano Pezzato (until 2 December 2018) .

Otto, performance by Kinkaleri, after 16 years the performance will be tailored to the new spaces of the Centre in collaboration with Teatro Metastasio and presented during the opening on Friday 21 (and on Fridays and Sundays until 21 October).

RAID, new performance by Marcello Maloberti, commissioned by Centro Pecci for the Contemporary Art Day on 13 October  

Il museo immaginato. Storie da trent’anni di Centro Pecci/
The Museum Imagined: Stories from 30 years of Centro Pecci

Curated by Cristiana Perrella.
In collaboration with Viola Casaglieri, Raffaele Di Vaia, Irene Innocente, Elena Magini, Marta Papini, Maria Teresa Soldani

Exhibition opening
21 September, 7pm
7.30pm preview of OTTO, performance by Kinkaleri

Exhibition duration
22 September 2018 - 25 June 2019