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Architect Gianni Pettena at the Monash Prato Centre for a workshop with architecture students.

The final works were exhibited and presented by the students at the Monash Prato Centre on Friday 13 July.

Monash Architecture students recently in Prato for their advanced studies in architecture course, led by Jacqui Alexander, had the opportunity to work with celebrated avant garde Italian architect and artist Gianni Pettena, who was part of the original nucleus of the Architettura Radicale Movement in Florence in the 1960s and 70s. On Thursday 5 July Gianni Pettena gave a lecture at the Monash Prato Centre about his hybrid practice spanning architecture, installation and furniture design, the work of his contemporaries including Archizoom, Superstudio, Sottsass, and their collective influence on contemporary design practices.

Students have been developing their own radical architectural projects, drawing on the methodologies and works of the Architettura Radicale, to test the capacity for architecture to act as medium for protest and activism. Students presented a series of radical, rhetorical, ironic and absurd strategies for liberating Venice from the plight of overtourism and the constraints of preservation. Gianni Pettena provided the students with feedback on their radical tactics and possible directions for their projects.