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24 September kicks off the 2018 edition of Arts Semester in Prato

A special welcome to the new cohort of Monash students arriving today for the start of the second edition of the Arts Semester in Prato

The Semester in Prato (SIP) program allows Arts students the opportunity to study at the Prato Centre for up to three months, with the chance to choose from a wide variety of different units taught from September to December 2018.

Some of the exciting programs on offer to our students include units in Italian language and culture, Human rights, Cinema, History and Politics, among others. A full description of these units can be found on the Arts Semester in Prato website. 

All the programs have a strong link with Tuscany and Italy as they include extensive visits to various sites of interest, such as the Museum of Torture in Lucca (for the Human Rights unit), the Film Library in Bologna (for the Screening Contemporary Europe unit), and field trips to Arezzo, San Gimignano and Siena (for the Italian City and Italian Transformations units) etc.

These visits allow very real and first-hand experiences for the students, not only enriching their study abroad experience, but at the same time putting their new learning into context straight away, right in the heart of Italy.