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Visual Residency Open Studio - Stuart Ringholt - Tuesday 28 November, 6pm

The Australian artist S​tuart Ringholt, selected for the 2017 Visual Residency Program, culminates​ his residency at Monash University Prato Centre opening his studio to the public.

In the artist’s studio three works will be displayed:


Theatre Stills, a series of collages realized by the artist using Italian print media from the sixties and seventies sourced in Prato from the many second hand stores and markets. The series includes images from art, architecture, fishing and alpine landscape publications repurposed to create ‘sketch images’ of a fictional theatre.


Interiors and Abstracts also utilize Italian print media but from a later period, the eighties. In Interiors the artist merges images from Siena archeological digs, Lombardy alpine regions and Tuscan interiors to create surrealist outcomes. In Abstracts Stuart provides alternative narratives by removing completely the original object photographed and replacing it with an ‘after-image’.


Theatre Stills, Interiors and Abstract will be exhibited at the Milani Gallery (Brisbane) in April 2018 and at the Neon Parc gallery (Melbourne) in May 2018.


The artist will be present in his studio and visitors will have the opportunity to know more about his work, the creative process and how these artworks were created.


Tuesday 28 November, 6pm

Drinks will follow

Free entrance

Ground Floor

Monash University Prato Centre