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Hundreds turn out for 2nd edition of Prato Urban Run

Prato Urban Run participants entering Monash Prato
Monash Prato participates in the second edition of the Prato Urban Run on Sunday 1 October 2017.

Notwithstanding the Autumn rain, nearly 1000 people turned out last Sunday for the second edition of the Prato Urban Run, a non-competitive annual sporting event organised by the Youth Sports Training Centre (CGFS) in collaboration with the Prato Municipality (Comune di Prato).  Local families, young children in strollers, dogs with their owners, and visting staff from Monash Australia took part in a 6km walking circuit around the historical centre which included sites of importance, public spaces, and private buildings not normally not open to the public.  Palazzo Vai, the building which houses Monash University, is one such example.  The first floor, part of the ground floor, including the recently restored Palazzo Vai garden, were made accessible for the event: "We were honoured to be included in the circuit this year and to be associated with other prestigious locations and buildings in the city" commented Cathy Crupi, Manager of the Monash Prato Centre. "In addition to promoting the shared message of a healthy lifestyle, when we have the opportunity to engage in community events and open our doors to the public in this way, we willingly participate".