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7th International Clinical Skills Conference

7th International Clinical Skills Conference
From Sunday 21 May until Wednesday 24 May, the Monash University Prato Centre is hosting this intenational conference for clinical educators and researchers

4 days
19 countries represented
250 delegates

The Seventh International Clinical Skills Conference (ICSC) has begun and over the coming days will bring experts as well as beginners in clinical skills education together for stimulating debate and discussion.  The conference, jointly coordinated by Monash University and the University of Dundee, aims to provide a forum for debate on innovation and the evidence base for clinical skills teaching and learning, showcase research and best practice on clinical skills education, and stimulate innovation in clinical skills.

Since 2005, Monash University's Prato Centre has proudly hosted ICSC which continues to draw clinicians from around the world, with many of them returning to Palazzo Vai, and the city of Prato, year after year. 

This year's theme is “Transitions”; including transitions of care for patients, transitions for learners, transitions to different roles for clinicians, and how we can prepare for them. 

Dr Stuart Marshall, Conference Chair, concludes the opening session with an appropriately inspiring quote:

Education is not the learning of facts but the training of the mind to think!
- Albert Einstein