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Monash University students participated in EuroMilano 2016, the 16th World InterUniversities Tournament in Milan

From 28 to 30 April a group of 22 Monash Law students currently studying at the Monash Prato Centre with the Prato International Law program took part in a special sporting event held in Milan: the 16

Over the three days the students participated in the16th edition of Euromilano, the World InterUniversities Tournament in Milan. They played tennis, basketball, volleyball, beach volleyball, and futsal with about 700 university students from different European countries including England, Belgium, France, Spain, Germany, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Croatia. There were also other non-European representatives in the competition including from Serbia, Algeria, Morocco, Russia, Turkey, Lebanon, Lybia, Kosovo and the United Arab Emirates.

The Monash students were proudly sponsored by the Monash Prato Centre and TEAMMonash to encourage sporting activity and intercultural exchange among students.

This is what students said about their experience at Euromilano:

"The opportunity to meet students from other countries was invaluable and all the universities were super friendly and worlds of fun. I think there is not enough that can be said for the power of sport to bring people together, especially from different backgrounds, and of different native languages. Sport is common ground no matter the differences."
Matthew Molloy– basketball team

"I would do Euromilano again in a heartbeat. Looking back on the weekend it was a great way not only to bond with my fellow Prato peers but, also, to meet people from all over Europe."
Emma Briggs- Volleyball team