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Giuseppe Verdi Music School hosts the Taverny Jazz Ensemble at the Monash Prato Centre.

Musical Exchange 2016 - Giuseppe Verdi Music School and Taverny Conservatory of Music

Music filled the halls of The Monash Prato Centre on Saturday 22 October thanks to a musical exchange between Prato’s Giuseppe Verdi Music School and the Taverny Conservatory of Music, based a few kilometers from Paris. The French music students, a group of young students and adults, form the Taverny Jazz Ensemble and are in Prato until 26 October, being hosted by families in Prato.

They performed a lively jazz concert, Ensemble de Jazz de Taverny, along with some students from the string orchestra of the Verdi Music School, in Salone Grollo to a full audience. The concert was conducted by Jean-Philippe Scali and Philippe Dalarun.