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Summer Courses in Prato

A warm welcome to students from the faculties of MADA, Arts, IT, and Business and Economics who will be studying at Monash Prato Centre until the end of July!

The Prato Centre is at full capacity with students from the Faculties of Arts, MADA, IT and Business & Economics currently undertaking summer programs in Prato. Many of these programs have a distinctly interdisciplinary flavour and draw on concepts of intercultural intelligence to prepare students for future global careers. 

Design and Architecture students are undertaking intensive studio courses, which encourage them to respond to the local enviroment. To foster their engagement with the city, architecture students will be working with representatives of the Prato city council on urban requalification projects.     

IT students are drawing on important periods of Italian history and culture to explore developments in science, engineering, the arts and architecture.

Two units from the Faculty of Business and Econmics are introducing students to concepts of corporate social responsibility and the challenges of doing business in a global context. For the first time, students from the University of Florence are joining Monash students studying in Prato.

New additions to the 2015 Arts in Prato program include Intercultural Communication, Italian Transformations and War, Media and Memory. These join more established programs in Italian language and culture, criminology and Beyond Gallipoli, which begins in Turkey and spends a period of time in Prato before moving on to the Western Front.