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Second round scholarship applications now open

MADA students at the Biblioteca Lazzini in Prato.
The Italian Services Institute is offering up to 10 scholarships valued at $4000 each for eligible Monash students who plan to study in Italy in 2015.
Eligible Monash students are now able to apply through second round offers for a travel bursary to study at the Monash Prato Centre, Italy, in 2015, thanks to a donation by the Italian Services Institute.

The Institute, based in Melbourne, is an association dedicated to providing welfare and education services for disadvantaged persons of Italian descent resident in Australia who would not otherwise have access to those services. The donation aims to support Monash students of Italian descent in Australia to travel overseas to Monash University's Prato Centre or other destination in Italy to gain valuable international experience and enrich their understanding of their Italian cultural heritage.

Many of the 10 scholarships, each valued at $4000, have already been awarded however students still have the possibility to apply through another round of applications being opened.

For further information, including detailed selection criteria and eligibility, see the Monash Scholarships page:

Applications close Friday 13 February (5pm) - Melbourne time.