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Interactive seminar with the Ambassador

Ambassador Mike Rann addresses Monash students
On 17 June the Honourable Mike Rann met with Monash Law and Design students in an interactive seminar at the Prato Centre

The seminar entitled Politics and the Law drew on the Ambassador's extensive political experience to explore the pressures and politics of the legislative process. The Ambassador challenged students to think critically about the role of politics in the development and application of the law, stressing the mutual dependency of the two professions.

Using examples from his time as Premier of South Australia, the Ambassador also touched on the importance of urban design in the context of urban policy and spoke of adaptive re-use of existing buildings such as the conversion of a disused psychiatric hospital in Adelaide into a state of the arts film studio context.

A lively question session followed and students were able to continue the conversation with the Ambassador over a light lunch.

Whilst in Prato, the Ambassador was also able to address a meeting of clinicians and anaethetists attending the second edition of a conference organised by the Alfred Hospital and Monash University entitled Collaborative Clinical Trials in Anaesthesia.