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5th European Music Tour, Mon 19 Jan, 7pm

Students from Westbourne Grammar School from Melbourne, Australia will be performing in concert Monday, 19 January at 7pm.


Monash University Prato Centre

Palazzo Vai, Via Pugliesi 26 - Prato

Salone Grollo
Free entry

Monash University Prato Centre is delighted to host a performance by students from Westbourne Grammar School, Melbourne, Australia.

With performances in Paris, Austria, Venice, Rome and Prato, the School's music department will be embarking on its fifth European Music Tour. Apart from presenting concerts throughout Europe, the students and staff from Westbourne Grammar look forward to learning more about the cultures of the countries they visit, broadening their musical experiences and making new friends.

The 26 students attending this tour are aged between 14 and 18 and are in Years 7 – 12 at School. They have formed a Touring Choir as well as a number of smaller chamber groups. A String Ensemble will feature in the concerts as will presentations of outstanding vocal and instrumental soloists. A wide variety of repertoire will be included ranging from sacred choral music, concerti to toe tapping swing numbers.