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Monash Prato Centre’s 2013 Visual Resident David Rosetzky exhibits in Melbourne his work developed in Prato

David Rosetzky, Monash Prato Centre’s 2013 Visual Resident is now exhibiting his brand new video Incomplete, open 2013/14 at Ten Cubed Collection in Melbourne

This video is the result of David’s residency at Monash Prato Centre, where he spent three months immersed in the local artistic environment. Influenced by Sol Le Witt- whose works David had the chance to see during his time in Italy- he collaborated with dancer Giuseppe Claudio Insalaco, choreographer/dancer Sabrina Mazzuoli, actor Michele Degirolamo and musician Samantha Bertoldi to explore themes such as sameness and difference, anxiety and comfort, desire and restraint, proximity and distance. The video, shot with an Italian film crew in the studio of a local artist, Chiara Bettazzi, was later post-produced in Australia and is being shown at Ten Cubed Collection until 6 September 2014.
Explaining why they were attracted to David’s work, the director of Ten Cubed Collection Dianne Gringlas and curator Ada Moshinsky explained “Ours is not a technical approach but a visceral one. There is a sensibility about his work that we respond to, the depth, intelligence, emotion and composition”.
Ten Cubed Collection celebrated on 10 June 2014 the opening night of the exhibition, a chance to meet the artist and watch this brand new work. Here more information on David Rosetzky's work and complete information on Visual Residency Program and application form for 2015.