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A first for Prato and the Monash School of IT: new unit on Creative Computing

From 30 June to 18 July 2014 the Faculty of Information Technology will be running for the first time at the Monash Prato Centre a new unit on Creative Computing.

The Monash University Prato Centre is preparing to welcome the first group of Monash IT students who will be undertaking a new undergraduate unit proposed by the School of Information Technology. Creative Computing: Understanding Art, Science and Technology.


The unit will explore developments in art, science and technology, drawing on important periods in Italian history and culture as a background for understanding contemporary interdisciplinary practice. It will examine the nature and development of technology in science, engineering, the arts and architecture. Using the city of Prato and the museums, galleries, rural landscapes and built environments in the surrounding region, students are expected to develop a team-based interdisciplinary project that will draw on this rich historical, cultural and technological landscape.


At the conclusion of the program each student will give a presentation on their research project which will include practical and theoretical components completed with resources gathered from field studies.


The Faculty of Information Technology is now the 6th faculty to offer a study abroad opportunity at the Monash University Prato Centre in Tuscany, Italy. The faculties of Arts, Art Design and Architecture, Business and Economics, Education, and Law all offer units on an annual basis at Monash Prato.