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Conversation Exchange @ Lazzerini


Conversation Exchange - Scambi di conversazione has expanded its horizons in 2013 to include a monthly appointment in the Prato Municipal Library A. Lazzerini.

Conversation Exchange is held every Tuesday evening at the Monash Centre and is aimed giving Monash students the opportunity to practice their Italian language skills while learning something about local culture. Following the success of this initiative in 2012 the Monash Prato Centre has decided to widen the reach of this project by introducing a monthly appointment at the local library.

The expansion of this initiative will offer the local community increased opportunities to interact with Australian university students studying in Prato, by offering conversation and cultural exchange in a relaxed and friendly environment. Every Tuesday from 6 to 7 pm you can join Conversation Exchange at the Monash Prato Centre. And every second Tuesday at Municipal Library Lazzerini from 7 to 8.30pm

For further information and the calendar for the Monash Prato Centre and the Municipal Library, visit the Monash website or send an email to