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Business and Economics students visit Prato textile firm, BESTE

Monash students enrolled in the third-year unit Management Ethics and Corporate Governance undertook a site visit to BESTE as part of their studies into stakeholder theory and the case of Prato's 'fast fashion' sector. The intensive unit was held at the Monash Prato Centre, Italy, from 1-10 July 2013.

BESTE is a Prato-based textile firm, with an offshore in China, which specialises in the research and development of fabrics and cutting-edge garment designs.  Its clients are world-renowned high-end fashion houses.  The site visit included a tour of BESTE's garment division which is located in an impressive architecturally-designed building where garment prototypes are produced.  Students were introduced to the supply-chain processes of the retail versus high end brands and had the opportunity to participate in a discussion about recent challenges facing garment firms not only in Prato but globally.

Prior to the site visit, guest lecturer Professor Simone Guercini from the University of Florence spoke to the students about the structural characteristics of textile production in Prato and the interaction between firms.

The unit is offered at the Monash Prato Centre during Monash's winter semester, subject to enrolment numbers, as well as at the Victorian campuses during the regular semester calendar.  For more information see: