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Corteggio Storico 2018 Prato

Prato’s eagerly anticipated historic parade takes place every year on 8 September and dates back to the 13th century. Spectators can follow the annual parade of people dressed in historical costume through the old streets of Prato and witness one of the biggest events on the Prato calendar.

This special day for Prato also presents a rare opportunity to catch a glimpse of the “Sacra Cintola”, the Virgin Mary’s sacred belt, which is preserved in Prato’s Santo Stefano Cathedral and displayed to the... more

Upcoming courses

  • Interdisciplinary Design
    27/08/18 to 19/10/18
  • Students participating in the program will have access to some of the world’s greatest collections of art and design work and a city with a rich architectural history.
    27/08/18 to 19/10/18
  • The Arts Semester in Prato program is flexible, immersive and enriching. Don’t want to study overseas for a full semester? Tailor your time in Prato to suit your needs!
    24/09/18 to 14/12/18