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  • Photo of Dr Matteo Dutto We are delighted to welcome Dr Matteo Dutto to Prato, a Monash postdoctoral fellow.
  • Photo of GIG Italy launch event in the Salone Grollo Move over MedRen month, 2019 is in full swing here at the Monash University Prato Centre.
  • Monash students visiting the Medici villa at Poggo a Caiano The period from mid-November to mid-December is sometimes known as ‘MedRen month’ at the Monash Prato Centre.

Focus on

EU Unit 2018 - Visit to EUI

The EU’s crises have been grabbing global headlines for almost a decade. But where did these multi-dimensional crises come from? What caused them? What will they do to the EU and what made them a ‘crisis’ in the first place?

 As part of the Arts Semester in Prato program, 44 students from Monash’s campuses in Australia and Malaysia examined these questions during the four-week unit The European Union from Consensus to Crisis.

 This unit couldn’t have been timelier. Brexit – which has... more

Upcoming courses

  • April - June 2019
    08/04/19 to 28/06/19
  • This course offers professional development (medical) for current and future leaders in emergency medicine.
    06/05/19 to 09/05/19
  • This program provides a unique opportunity to up-skill in a fully supported environment working with some of the most globally recoognised researchers in emergency and trauma medicine.
    06/05/19 to 07/05/19