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Digital podiums

The Centre's main conference rooms, Salone Grollo, Sala Toscana and Sala Veneziana, are equipped with 3 Digital Podiums. The podium is an all-in-one smart technology to support conference speakers and organizers with their IT/AV needs.

Main features:


Digital podium features
Feature Salone Grollo Sala Toscana Sala Veneziana
PC Windows 7 Professional Yes Yes Yes
Monitor touch 15'' wide screen Yes Yes Yes
Master volume control Yes Yes Yes
DVD player (PC) From PC From PC From PC
Bluray player Yes - -
HDMI input Yes Yes Yes
VGA input Yes Yes Yes
Audio input (mini jack) Yes Yes Yes
Stand microphone Yes Yes Yes
Wireless microphone Yes (2) Yes (1) Yes (1)
Lavalier microphone Yes (1) Yes (1) Yes (1)
HD Video recording Yes (on request) - -
Audio output (for recording) Yes (on request) Yes (on request) Yes (on request)
Lights control Yes - -