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Donation appeal

After completing a music subject here, I fell in love with this city and I really wanted a chance to come back and experience Prato again…I came back to undertake an internship teaching English…I think that…having this experience on my resume will be an advantage for me. I have developed leadership skills through it…I really think that everyone should come here at some stage. It’s a chance to be part of something that is so magnificent and it’s something that Monash uniquely offers to us. 

Peter Sergi, Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Music, Monash University


As a Monash Prato alumnus/a, you are part of a special cohort of over 5,000 students who have completed part of their degree in Prato. We hope that your Prato experience continues to enrich whatever you may be doing now.

Photograph of Cecilia HewlettFor much of the eighteen years since the foundation of our centre, Monash has been the only Australian university with a physical teaching and research base in Europe. The courses, conferences and other events we hold have not only grown in number but also in breadth. For example, seven of Monash University’s ten faculties now offer units in Prato. This means that more students are able to experience all that Prato has to offer. 

We know that studying overseas incurs additional costs for students. So together with the Bill Kent Foundation Fund we have adopted as one of their principal philanthropic priorities a targeted scholarship program to offset these financial burdens.

You can support this program by donating to the Bill Kent Foundation Fund. Donations to this fund go directly towards supporting students from any faculty to study in Prato.

We are honoured to have two highly distinguished patrons supporting the work of the Prato Centre. We invite you to read a special message from Sir James Gobbo AC CVO and Carla Zampatti AC below.

Read more about the Bill Kent Foundation Fund and visit the Giving to Monash page to make an online gift to help more students have the Monash Prato experience. Every gift counts.

Dr Cecilia Hewlett, Director, Monash University Prato Centre

Emeritus Professor John Nieuwenhuysen AM, former Chair of the former Bill Kent Foundation Fund Board


Special Message from Prato Patrons

Sir James Gobbo AC CVO, Foundation Patron; and
Carla Zampatti AC, Patron

It is a great pleasure for us, as Patrons of Monash’s wonderful Prato Centre, to encourage Alumni of the Centre to support its work.

During our visits to the memorable and beautiful Palazzo Vaj, set in the medieval heart of the ancient city of Prato, we have been delighted to meet many of you personally and to see first-hand how rewarding Monash University’s international study programs in Prato were for you.

We urge Prato Alumni to donate generously to this appeal so that more students can participate in the mind broadening and cultural deepening experience of learning and studying at Monash Prato.


Visit the Giving to Monash page to make an online gift to help more students have the Monash Prato experience.

…Employers seek well-rounded and grounded individuals: the experience of coming to Prato definitely contributes to that and has helped me develop as an individual. It has opened my eyes to more of the world. It teaches acceptance and tolerance, and even Italian, if you stick with it! 

Giuseppe Spanti, Bachelor of Law and Bachelor of Chemical Engineering, Monash University