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Cultural events

The Monash University Prato Centre hosts a wide range of cultural events including exhibitions, concerts and theatre which showcase the work of our students, and the work of artists from the local community in Prato and from Australia. See our calendar of Events.

We welcome enquiries but please note that funding for such events is not available from the Prato Centre.

Performance space

The Salone Grollo is suitable for performances and concerts with a maximum capacity of 130 people. There are adjoining rooms suitable for use as backstage and reception areas.

Exhibition space

Studio space as well as other areas suitable for exhibiting artwork are available on the first and ground floors of the building (see Virtual tour).

The studio has the following characteristics:

  • all walls are fitted with medium density fibreboard (2.3m high);
  • the fibreboard walls are fitted with a track lighting system with adjustable 12V spots. These are non-focusable and non-shuttered but may be directed to illuminate specific areas of the walls;
  • the studio has a central pendant light fitting;
  • all windows have outer shutters to block out natural light.

By special arrangement other spaces may be used throughout the building for installations or for hanging pictures provided this does not interfere with other activities taking place at the Centre.

The Centre accepts proposals for exhibitions from Australian, local or other artists who would like to hire Centre facilities as exhibition space. You can submit an exhibition proposal by completing the online form in English.

For enquiries about hosting other cultural events, such as concerts and theatre performances, you can contact the Manager.