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If you are a Monash student undertaking courses and units at the Prato Centre, you can apply for financial support via a Monash Abroad travel grant or equity scholarship, or an OS-HELP loan from the Australian Government (Commonwealth supported or HECS students). See the Monash Abroad website for more information.

Italian Australian Foundation Travel Grant

Eligible Monash students are now also able to apply for a travel grant to study at the
Monash Prato Centre thanks to a donation by the Italian Australian Foundation. The Foundation, based in Melbourne, is dedicated to providing welfare and education services for disadvantaged persons of Italian descent resident in Australia who would not otherwise have access to these services. The donation aims to support Monash students of Italian descent in Australia to travel overseas to Monash University's Prato Centre or other destination in Italy to gain valuable international experience and enrich their understanding of their Italian cultural heritage.
For further information, including detailed selection criteria and eligibility, see the Monash Scholarships webpage.
This is what Arianna Brown, a student who completed a unit at the Prato Centre, says about the grant:

"The grant enabled me to travel to Italy and to other parts of Europe to complete my bachelor and diploma in languages earlier than was scheduled within the Australian university school year. This not only cut off six months of my degree but also allowed me to travel overseas to study and to meet my extended Italian family, which would otherwise not have been possible.

According to Australian immigration law, I am third generation on my Mum’s side of the family. My grandparents both originated from Ostiglia, Mantova in the province of Lombardia, Italy. My Nonno arrived in Australia in 1931 and my Nonna arrived 18 months later with my Uncle Francesco. My Nonno had been encouraged by his uncle to migrate to Australia due to the extensive work opportunities available in the farming industry at the time. Nonno worked on various farms around Texas, Queensland, until he was able to buy his own farm in Tenterfield, Queensland in 1953. My mum grew up on this very property before she later moved to Sydney and then to Melbourne with my Dad in 1992. During one of my weekends I was fortunate enough to be able to meet and visit my extended family that to this day still live in Ostigilia. They showed me around Ostiglia and Mantova and even took me to visit Verona for the Saint Valentine's Day Festival. It was truly an overwhelming and wonderful experience to finally meet my extended Italian family."

Research grants, scholarships and awards

If you are a Monash research student and would like to use the Centre as a base for carrying out your research, there are also grants and awards available to help cover the cost of travel, accommodation and living expenses.