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Parliamo! A crash course in living in Prato

What is Parliamo?

  • short non-credit program
  • Italian language and culture basics to help you get around Prato
  • fun small group sessions
  • up-to-date content and multimedia tools
  • interactive activities and practical exercises
  • experienced local teachers and guides

Who can Parliamo?

  • students doing courses at the Monash University Prato Centre for at least 3 weeks
  • academic and administrative staff accompanying students

Why Parliamo?

  • learn some basic Italian communication skills to help you get around Prato
  • understand the history and contemporary reality of Prato
  • deepen your inter-cultural learning during and beyond your stay
  • meet locals for language and cultural exchange
  • get a certificate of attendance upon completion of the program

How long is Parliamo?

  • 3 one-hour classes and 1 cooking class (around 2 hours) 

When is Parliamo?

  • year-round (except January and July when you can take a for-credit Italian Language Course)
NB: We need a minimum of 8 participants to run the program so tell your friends!

Where is Parliamo?

  • Monash University Prato Centre
  • sites in historic city centre

What will I learn and do in Parliamo?

Session 1 – Treasure hunt (after orientation)

  • greetings
  • personal introductions
  • treasure hunt

Session 2 -  Workshop: Italian gestures and body language 

  • video-recorded (optional)
  • role-play of one or more everyday situations
  • re-telling/building the storyline by relying on the gestures, with no speech

Session 3 - Workshop: Communicating in Italian

  • use of videos prepared in class
  • re-building of the dialogues/conversations by re-arranging the various information 

Session 4 -  Cooking class

  • visit to a restaurant
  • the restaurant’s cook leads the class 

NB: We can tailor the program content to your study discipline and experience.


More Parliamo!

For an additional fee, you can take an optional in-depth guided site visit in Prato.
Choose from: 
  • Textile Museum
  • Cathedral of Saint Stephen (Duomo)
  • Cathedral Museum
  • Palazzo Datini
  • Palazzo Pretorio Museum
  • Luigi Pecci Centre for Contemporary Art
  • Museum of Wall Painting
  • Metastasio Theatre
  • Fresco studio in Vainella
  • a textile factory

What is the fee for Parliamo?

$150 AUD (excluding optional site visit). The fee includes the cooking class and meal to follow; course booklet and materials.

Enrol in Parliamo!

Complete the online enrolment form and pay the fee. Upon submission of the enrolment form you will be re-directed to the payment page.
NB: You must enrol and pay online at least 2 weeks prior to the start date of your main course. We will refund your payment if we do not reach the minimum needed of 8 participants.

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