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Monash students from any faculty who would like to have an international work experience can now apply to do an internship in Prato and gain credit points towards their degree.

Most of our internships are for language assistants in local primary and secondary schools, but some other options are available at the local library and museum. Contact the Academic Programs and Internships Coordinator to find out more about our offerings.

Internships can be arranged at any time of year, excluding the months of July and August. Students undertaking the internship program are eligible for Monash Abroad funding.

The following faculties currently offer internships in Prato: Arts, Education, and Art Design and Architecture. 

Local students

We also welcome expressions of interest from local Italian students to undertake an internship at the Monash Prato Centre. You can find out more by contacting our Academic Programs and Internships Coordinator.

We thank the following local students who have completed internships at Monash Prato: Elisa Bartolini, Katia Bernardini, Sara Cambi, Niccolò Fanelli, Diletta Gamberini, Leo Ghiandai, Elisa Granucci, Miao Miao Huang, Antonella Ninni, Sara Rossini, Fabiana Serra, Margherita Tempestini.