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Italian experience for student engineers

Monash engineering students examine 13th century city walls of Prato using thermography
Engineering students from Australia and Malaysia were granted a privilege that even locals in Florence, Italy are unlikely to experience in their lifetimes.

From 6pm to midnight on Tuesday 1 December, Monash engineering students from Australia and Malaysia were granted a privilege that even local Florentines are unlikely to experience in their lifetimes. 

Guided by world-renowned cultural heritage engineer Professor Maurizio Seracini, students entered the Baptistery of Saint John, which adjoins the Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore, or the Florence Cathedral, originally known as Il Duomo di Firenze.

We are working for you!

The Monash University Prato Centre is currently undertaking works to improve the student experience.

Over the coming weeks a series of renovation and refurbishment works have been scheduled on the first and ground floors of the Monash Prato Centre. The goal is improve the student and visitor experience through upgrades to audio visual equipment and services in classrooms and meeting rooms, including streamlined cabling systems, high definition equipment in the Salone Grollo, and a new Virtual Classroom. Please be patient with possible disruptions: we are working for you!

Lets do something - Exhibition by Laresa Kosloff Visual Resident Artist 2015

On Thursday 26 November 2015 Australian artist Laresa Kosloff will show the artworks produced at Monash Prato Centre

As a conclusion of a three-months residency at the Monash Prato Centre, Laresa Kosloff will present the result of her work on Thursday 26 November from 6pm.

Lets do something is composed by three artworks, video and audio, that the Australian artist created in Prato from September to November 2015.
Interested in psychology and interpersonal and social relationships within a community, Laresa’s work focuses on the inner tension and drama that we create as individuals, as well as gestures of possibility and play.

Welcome to students!

A period of intense academic activity will be starting soon at the Prato Centre

A warm welcome to students arriving in Prato shortly!  From Monday 23rd November, the Centre will host a variety of programs spanning from the study of Dante and the Italian language and culture, to jazz music and business and society in Europe.

Director of the Scuola Verdi, Paolo Ponzecchi, visits Melbourne.

Image of Scuola Verdi Director and Monash Student
Paolo Ponzecchi recently spent a week in Melbourne as a guest of Monash University's Sir Zelman Cowen School of Music

After 5 years of active collaboration with the Monash University Prato Centre, Paolo Ponzecchi has made his first visit to Melbourne. Warmly welcomed by Professor John Griffiths, Head of the Sir Zelman Cowen School of Music in Clayton, Paolo attended a number of research seminars and concerts, as well as participating in a piano masterclass with Kenji Fujimara and Tamara Smolyar - both of whom have previously accompanied undergraduate study tours to Prato.

Sparkling art at the Monash Prato Centre

Monash Fine Art students' works on display at the Prato Centre on Wednesday 21 October from 6.00pm

You are all invited to ‘Lucente’, the final exhibition by Monash Fine Arts students that will take place on Wednesday 21 October from 6.00pm on the ground floor of the Monash Prato Centre.

Come and have a chat with them about art and their experience in Italy while viewing the various works displayed, and for those of you who still haven’t done so, it will also be a good occasion to participate in the interactive BlackBOX exhibition that was launched during Open Day.

Open Day thanks

Monash Prato Centre Open Day 2015 has concluded.

The fifth edition of the Monash Univesity Prato Centre's annual Open Day held on Thursday 24th September 2015 has just concluded and we'd like to openly thank those who contributed to making it another annual success.