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Tirocinio per Assistente Informatico

Offerta di tirocinio presso il Monash University Prato Centre.

Aperta posizione per un tirocinante nell'ambito dell'assistenza informatica presso la nostra sede in via Pugliesi. Per informazioni visitare la pagina

The Monash Prato Centre is offering a 3-6 month internship in IT services beginning in September.  For further information visit the webpage:

Prato as Creative City: An International Workshop, 28 July 2014

Monash University and Pratofutura are organising an international workshop which will bring together UNESCO experts and local representatives to discuss Prato as Creative City.

Themed areas include:

  • Textiles, Fashion and Design
  • Urban regeneration
  • The role of Prato's universities in developing a creative economy
  • Integration

The workshop will run from 2pm-7pm. Visit the workshop webpage for program and speaker details.

A first for Prato and the Monash School of IT: new unit on Creative Computing

From 30 June to 18 July 2014 the Faculty of Information Technology will be running for the first time at the Monash Prato Centre a new unit on Creative Computing.

The Monash University Prato Centre is preparing to welcome the first group of Monash IT students who will be undertaking a new undergraduate unit proposed by the School of Information Technology. Creative Computing: Understanding Art, Science and Technology.


Tuscan Territories: Rural-Urban Dynamics | 19-20 June 2014

The conference "Tuscan Territories: Rural-Urban Dynamics" will be held the 19 and 20 June. Welcome by Professor Rae Frances, Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Monash University

From 19 to 20 June 2014 the conference "Tuscan Territories: Rural-Urban Dynamics" will be held at the Monash University Prato Centre. Organised in collaboration with University of Cork and University of Leeds, the conference will be introduced by the Dean of the Faculty of Arts of Monash University, Professor Rae Frances.

Monash Prato Centre’s 2013 Visual Resident David Rosetzky exhibits in Melbourne his work developed in Prato

David Rosetzky, Monash Prato Centre’s 2013 Visual Resident is now exhibiting his brand new video Incomplete, open 2013/14 at Ten Cubed Collection in Melbourne

This video is the result of David’s residency at Monash Prato Centre, where he spent three months immersed in the local artistic environment. Influenced by Sol Le Witt- whose works David had the chance to see during his time in Italy- he collaborated with dancer Giuseppe Claudio Insalaco, choreographer/dancer Sabrina Mazzuoli, actor Michele Degirolamo and musician Samantha Bertoldi to explore themes such as sameness and difference, anxiety and comfort, desire and restraint, proximity and distance.

5th Wenzhouese Diaspora Symposium | 6-7 Nov 2014

Photo of man using mobile telephone in front of map of China
The 5th Wenzhouese Diaspora Symposium will be held 6-7 November 2014 in Wenzhou, China. The call for papers is now open.

It will be jointly hosted by the Research Centre of the Global Wenzhouese, the Research Centre of Wenzhouese Economy and Wenzhou University, and coordinated by the College of International Cooperation.

Submissions are due 15 August 2014.

Languages: English and Chinese

Further information and an application form are available online.

Prato welcomes for the first time major international finance conference

The Monash University Prato Centre is preparing for the arrival of 250 international experts and visitors who will be attending the 12th INFINITI international finance conference on 9-10 June.

Past editions have taken place in France and Ireland, in Aix-en-Provence and Dublin respectively; the Monash Prato Centre in Italy is delighted to be hosting this prestigious event, organised by Trinity College and Monash University, for the first time in the conference’s 11 year history. This year’s theme is “Global Finance – Integration or Mere Convergence?” and keynote speakers include Dirk Schoenmaker, from the Duisenberg School of Finance, The Netherlands and Fabio Canova, from the European University Institute, Italy.

Carla Zampatti receives honorary doctorate

Carla Zampatti receives honorary doctorate
Monash University has awarded an honorary doctorate to Dr Carla Zampatti AC, a patron of the Monash Prato Centre since 2012.

Monash Chancellor Dr Alan Finkel conferred the Doctor of Laws honoris causa on Dr Zampatti for her contributions to fashion and business, as well as for being a role model for women. Read more about the award on the Monash news page.

The classrooms of Prato welcome Monash students

Students of the Faculty of Arts and Education undertake placements to enrich their academic and professional curricula

Thanks to agreements formalised between the Monash Prato Centre and local schools and institutions, students of the Faculty of Arts and, for the first time, the Faculty of Education, are undertaking placements that will enrich their academic and professional curricula. But there’s more to it: the students’ daily interaction with children and school teachers in a new and stimulating environment are important opportunities for personal growth, as Jessi describes below: