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Our brand new Guide to the Monash Prato Centre

Discover more about it!

We are pleased to launch the new edition of our Guide to the Monash Prato Centre, designed for Monash Prato students, students who are planning to study in Prato and other visitors who are curious to know more about the Monash Prato Centre and the city of Prato.

The guide includes practical information about the Centre, a list of emergency services, cost of living, and tips and suggestions on how to live as a local in Prato. Compact and with a new look, this guide will help you immerse yourself in Prato’s lifestyle even before you arrive! There is also a pull-out map that will help you find your way around the city and discover its attractions.
Monash students will be given a free copy at their pre-departure session in Melbourne or they will be able to collect a copy of the guide at the faculties of Arts, Law, Education, Information Technology, Science, Art Design and Architecture, School of Business and at Monash Abroad. A printable pdf copy is already available on our website and some hard copies are available here at the Monash Prato Centre.