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An Inspirational Internship

Aboriginal Art at ITIS Buzzi
Teaching Aboriginal Art at ITIS Buzzi

In October, Monash Bachelor of Arts and Secondary Education student, Stephanie Mouradian, undertook a four-week internship at a local secondary school in Prato, the ITIS Tullio Buzzi. Stephanie was welcomed as an English Language and Art Teaching Assistant, teaching five classes each week alongside professional teaching staff.

Stephanie said of her experience:

I prepared a lesson on Aboriginal art, identifying some of the main features and symbols. This not only exposed students to a totally different style of art but also allowed them to view art as a form to express emotion and a personal story. I gave them the opportunity to create art that personally reflected their own lives and emotions. They produced some incredible artwork, some integrating their passion for textiles with Aboriginal art, some with their own made-up symbols. Their creations varied drastically in style, showcasing their creative natures. 

My internship at Buzzi has been one of the most valuable experiences of my degree. I will always treasure my experiences with both my students and mentors who taught me so much about teaching; especially the time and materials required in preparing lessons. I feel so lucky to have been given the chance to work with the students and hear their own individual stories which inspired their artwork and to have had the opportunity to study in Prato. 

An Internationship internship can take your skill set to a different level while earning credit towards your degree, allowing you to undertake a role in an organisation, helping you to prepare for increasingly global careers through developing new ways of thinking, intercultural communication skills, and adaptability. It's a great way for you to build new contacts and networks, and consolidate your learning through reporting and reflecting on your experience. 

The photo shown here, depicts artwork created by some of Stephanie’s students. Staff at ITIS Buzzi spoke very highly of Stephanie and the impact of her classes, commenting that had there been more time they would have loved to present an exhibition of the artwork created in her classes.

We wish Stephanie all the very best for her future career!

You can find out more about the internship opportunities available in Prato on our website