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Design Scenarios for the Imagined Museum

Student work on display at Centro Pecci

Monash Art Design and Architecture students recently had the opportunity to present their work at the Centro Pecci in Prato, one of the major contemporary art centres in Italy, in the presence of the Pecci’s director Cristiana Perrella. Students presented their experimental design concepts for The Imagined Museum (Il Museo Immaginato) that they had developed as part of the Culturescape programme at the Monash Prato Centre. During their time in Prato, the students investigated current opportunities and futuristic visions of the museum. The design concepts they presented were the product of an ‘immersive research studio’ conducted in collaboration with the Centro Pecci, exemplifying interdisciplinary approaches to communication, and industrial and spatial design.

Led by Monash academic Vince Dziekan, Culturescape (CS2018) is an integrated five-week undergraduate programme of studio and fieldwork activity that explores design’s contemporaneous relationship to cultural heritage. Students were encouraged to develop an ‘inquiry-based’ approach to their creative practice by exploring ways in which art, design, architecture, culture and heritage interface with each other within today’s pervasive cultural environment (or culturescape).

We would like to acknowledge the support of the Centro Pecci and in particular the adventurous spirit of Mario Pagano (Research and Public Programs Coordinator) and Stefano Pezzato (Senior Curator).