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Prato welcomes new cohort of Monash students!

Almost 80 students from different Monash faculties started their study programs at the Monash Prato Centre on 26th June: we are thrilled to have such a varied and lively cohort on our premises.

At the orientation session we were pleased to welcome students coming from the Faculties of Information Technology, Business and Economics, Architecture and Arts. They will no doubt enrich their knowledge in their respective fields of study through  exposure to cultural elements that only Italy and Tuscany in particular can provide.

So, it seems obvious that students enrolled in the Intensive Introductory Italian unit should come to learn the language exactly in the place where it was born, or that architecture students might like to have a closer look at the masterpieces of Italian art, but did you know that being in Prato and Florence can also prove quite useful for IT and BusEco students?

Are you an IT student enrolled in the Creative Computing unit? Well, as you will be examining the nature and development of technology in science, engineering and the arts, Italy is the place to be! Or, are you a Business student wishing to explore ethical issues in marketing and advertising, human resource management and social accounting? Prato and its textile sector has been an international study-case for years and there are plenty of opportunities to deepen your knowledge here.

Welcome then to all the students who have fled from the other side of the world and are bravely coping with the Italian summer heat: being a student in Prato has never been so cool!