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A new website for the City of Prato

The new City of Prato website, launched earlier this month, shines a new light on Prato, uncovering and presenting the many diverse aspects of this unique city.

The website, promoted by the Comune di Prato (Prato Municipality), comes as a result of the participatory effort “Prato si fa Brand” which asked individual citizens and associations to help define what makes Prato special. 

The result is a comprehensive platform of information, in both Italian and English, which spans all aspects of Prato as a city for living and visiting or simply getting to know better. For our students, professors and conference delegates who are planning a visit to Prato, the website is a great place to begin the journey even before setting foot on the plane.

The site looks at the history of Prato; special events and traditions; food and places in Prato including museums, theatres, libraries, must-see historical landmarks and some interesting rediscovered places. It addresses city transport and sustainable mobility, upcoming city projects and initiatives, sporting facilities, green spaces, as well as welfare and education featuring a piece on the Monash University Prato Centre.   

The new website will be important for both visitors to Prato as well as its citizens, encouraging all to better live, experience and interact in this creative and innovative city, which has so much to offer.