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Monash Open Day 2017: a celebration for the city of Prato

Great success for the 2017 edition of Monash Open Day at the Monash Prato Centre with around 1000 people attending the event.

Australian, American and Italian students, families, high school students, kids and local community members contributed to the success of this wonderful day of celebration, now in its 7th edition. Participants took part in a very lively Speedy Conversation Exchange and then enjoyed a traditional Aussie BBQ, delicious Italian gelato and great live music.

This year some new activities entertained our Open Day guests too. Added to the program was the historical guided tour of Palazzo Vai conducted by the cultural association FareArte, to which more than 40 people attended; and the Virtual Reality Room which allowed guests a step inside Monash Australia campuses using virtual reality technology, and the chance to make some gadgets using a 3D printer!

Participants also had the opportunity to enjoy a unique and new location for this edition of Monash Open Day: the Palazzo Vai garden, recently renovated and opened in 2016.

This day of celebration was the opening of Prato Campus Week, 3 days of events and Open Days for the Universities in Prato; Monash, PIN (The University of Florence, Prato campus) and University of New Haven (Connecticut, USA), which had the support of the local government Comune di Prato