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Living Spaces Prato

Short films about Prato made by Architecture students from Monash University.

After a 5-week study program in Prato, Monash Architecture students, with a final collaboration with Design students, worked on on film making, under the guidance of lecturers Cameron Rose and Jacqui Alexander. Through exploring the streets, living like a local and discovering what can be considered the beating heart of the city, the students used their experiences to guide the full film making process, from idea through to final production.
These short films focus on how the locals live.  Through interviews with local inhabitants and business owners, the films aim to capture the lived experience of the built environment beyond the historical significance of the location.  The final result, Living Spaces Prato, composed of short videos that give an insight into Prato city life, was screened at the Emperor’s Castle on 13 July in the presence of students, local authorities, lecturers and all the interviewees who contributed to this project.