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Goodbye and good luck: Prato says "arrivederci" to Education students

For the third consecutive year, students from the Faculty of Education have been based at the Monash University Prato Centre as part of their International Professional Experience Program.

This year, 33 students have spent three weeks working in local education settings including early childhood, primary and secondary schools as part of their teacher education program.

Each Monash student has worked with experienced teachers in each of these settings and they have developed close working relationships over the course of the program. All the Monash students have been warmly welcomed not only into their school communities but also into the broader Prato community through their participation in various extra curricular activities such as the Conversation Exchange run each Tuesday at the Monash Centre.

Through their experiences in Prato, all the students from the Faculty of Education have developed greater understanding of their pedagogical knowledge as well as their capacities to teach in different educational systems. All staff and students in the Prato International Professional Experience Program would like to thank all of the schools for hosting their teaching experiences, the school mentors for being so welcoming and supportive and the students for their enthusiasm and willingness to engage in all the classes that were run in January and February 2016.