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Monash Executive MBA in Prato

Prato hosts the second edition of the Monash Executive MBA Individual Corporate Project

We are pleased to announce that student Joel Murray will collaborate with the Prato local municipality (Comune di Prato) as part of his Executive MBA Individual Corporate Project. The project currently being developed by the municipality is ‘Sustainable transport and redevelopment of the riverbank area’.

Joel will spend the first part of the project refining its scope in consultation with the host organisation. After completing the ‘in company’ period which will consist of information gathering and positing solutions, Joel will present his final recommendations and written report to the senior management of the Prato local municipality.
Both the Monash Prato Centre and Prato municipality note the reciprocal benefits this type of collaboration brings, as it offers the student an opportunity to be exposed to and provide tangible solutions to real life problems while for the host organization it gains external insight similar to having a consulting firm but without ‘strings attached’.

We asked Joel to comment on his decision to participate in this project:
My reason for bidding on this project was partially the exciting opportunity to work with an overseas client and actively work together to create a favourable outcome for them.
The other reason for applying is the actual project that is to be undertaken. Reading various articles in the media and completing the MBA unit "Creating Sustainable Organisations" has highlighted the need for a worldwide change in how we go about our daily lives in order to protect our environment and maintain our standard of living for many generations to come. I personally believe that such changes are best made by providing people with better, more desirable alternatives, as opposed to using guilt or discipline. The e-bike initiative seems to be an excellent example of providing a positive, desirable and environmentally friendly alternative for people.