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Milan launch of BlackBOX exhibition

Image of black box and smartphone at the BlackBOX exhibition
Curated by Ian Wong of Monash's Art Design and Architecture faculty, the BlackBOX exhibition featured in Expo in Città (Milan) from 2-15 May 2015.

Did you know that Melbourne design and innovation continues to have significant impact on the world? The BlackBOX exhibition which recently concluded in Milan showcased just that – design innovations from Melbourne that have endured over the last 150 years.  Ian Wong, lecturer for MADA (Monash’s Faculty of Art Design and Architecture) and President of the Melbourne Movement curated this interactive exhibition presented by the City of Melbourne and City of Milan as part of Expo in Città, a parallel event to World Expo 2015. Named after the Black Box Flight Recorder invented (in Melbourne) in 1954 by David Warren of Aeronautical Research Laboratories, the exhibition also featured the more recent Bionic Eye, an innovation of the Monash Vision Group. Wong’s research on the history of design and innovation culminated in this exhibition of 64 works, of which their image and description would be made visible by hovering a smartphone device over one of the corresponding boxes which were positioned in a room layout according to the Hoddle Grid.  Amongst these was also the Trinity Bowl, designed by Andrew Cornish, former RMIT Industrial Design student and today product designer for Alessi, whose nautalis shell-inspired bowl was the launching pad for a series he now designs for the famous Italian homewares company.

The following week, Monash Prato had the pleasure of welcoming Ian Wong who visited the Centre for the first time.

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