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Visual Residents connect in Prato

The 2014 Visual Residency Program was launched on Tuesday 9 September with a special welcome event called Visual Residency Night.

The evening, held at the Monash Prato Centre, was the first public event for Pat Foster and Jen Berean selected resident artists for 2014. The artists gave an overview on their previous works and provided a brief preview of their future projects. The audience, which included MADA students who are currently undertaking semester-long units in Fine Arts and Architecture, local institutions and artists, had the unique chance to meet the artists as well as view the premiere screening in Italy of the video Incomplete, open 2013/14 by David Rosetzky, 2013 Visual Resident. The video is the concluding work of last year’s residency program which was filmed in Prato and post-produced in Australia. It exhibited at TenCubed Collection in Melbourne earlier this year.  Some of the artists who worked with David attended the screening and shared with the audience their impressions of this collaboration. “Working with David was extremely interesting”- said Sabrina Mazzuoli, the choreographer of the video- “his personality, his capacity in managing different professionals during the shooting and his precision were inspiring.” David Rosetzky chose for the composition of the music Incomplete open 2013/14 musician Samantha Bertoldi who said: “ David saw one of my live performances and asked me if I was interested in joining this project; I was surprised and flattered. Working with David was an incredible experience especially for his approach to such themes and the way he transformed them into music.”

More information on the Visual Residency program and the 2014 visual resident artists here .