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Tuscan Territories: Rural-Urban Dynamics | 19-20 June 2014

The conference "Tuscan Territories: Rural-Urban Dynamics" will be held the 19 and 20 June. Welcome by Professor Rae Frances, Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Monash University

From 19 to 20 June 2014 the conference "Tuscan Territories: Rural-Urban Dynamics" will be held at the Monash University Prato Centre. Organised in collaboration with University of Cork and University of Leeds, the conference will be introduced by the Dean of the Faculty of Arts of Monash University, Professor Rae Frances.

The conference will focus on Tuscany that is often recognized as a prime example of a terrain symbolizing harmony between humans and their natural environment, as the embodiment of a millennial synthesis between nature and culture. This idealized vision however does not account for socio-economic and political tensions between the urban and the rural, nor does it acknowledge the effects of the built environment, industrialization or agriculture, nor the shifts in demographics, both past and present. The Tuscan landscape undoubtedly incorporates characteristics linked to its specific geography, history and socio-cultural identity—from medieval fortresses to cypress trees and olive groves, and from famed museums and monuments to the hills of ‘Chiantishire’—but at the same time the region is faced with many of the rural-urban interactions that characterize a globalized society. This interdisciplinary conference will explore the interplay between the rural and urban spheres in the Tuscan context, in a variety of fields and across the centuries. The conference seeks to examine how Tuscan cities and the region’s countryside are represented in diverse disciplines, including Literature, Cinema, Geography, History, Sociology, Hodoeporics and Tourism Studies,  Art History, Politics, Architecture, among others, and ranging from the Middle Ages to the present.

The conference, conducted in English and Italian, will be open to the public prior registration by contacting the Monash Prato Centre or using the registration form at and sending to .