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Parliamo! A crash course in living in Prato

Will you be studying or teaching at the Monash Prato Centre this year? Worried about not speaking Italian? Know nothing about Prato? Want to get more out of your Prato experience?
Yes? Don’t worry, just enrol in:
Parliamo! A crash course in living in Prato
  • Four-session non-credit program held at the Prato Centre
  • Italian language and culture basics to help you get around Prato
  • Fun small group sessions
  • Up-to-date content and multimedia tools
  • Interactive activities and practical exercises
  • Experienced local teachers and guides
Sessions include:
  • Don't order a cappuccino after noon!
  • Cooking Tuscan style
  • How to pass for a local
  • Guided walking tour of Prato and optional site visits
Find out more and enrol online now on the Parliamo! webpage.