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The classrooms of Prato welcome Monash students

Students of the Faculty of Arts and Education undertake placements to enrich their academic and professional curricula

Thanks to agreements formalised between the Monash Prato Centre and local schools and institutions, students of the Faculty of Arts and, for the first time, the Faculty of Education, are undertaking placements that will enrich their academic and professional curricula. But there’s more to it: the students’ daily interaction with children and school teachers in a new and stimulating environment are important opportunities for personal growth, as Jessi describes below:

Officially, I’ve been here for one week! It feels like so much has been achieved and happened this week! I’ve been able to build a strong relationship with my lovely Italian mentor teacher and my beautiful students, I’ve met some really awesome people, I’ve explored Prato, Florence and Bologna, I’ve had some of the best food and drinks and I’ve managed to catch several wrong trains and get lost numerous times! Looking forward to what the next two weeks has to offer.